• Luxurious suite
  • 360 panoramic view
  • National monument
  • Nearby the coast

Welcome in your own suite at 33 meters high

Finaly you've arrived at your destination, a special night awaits you. Open the doors downstairs and enter the historical Watertower... Here you learn about the rich history of this Dutch monument.

Then you walk up the dizzying spiral staircase, the stairs to your own boutique hotel. The way up goes alongside steel and concrete, it's a journey in itself! One door opens, after which another staircase is followed by short Swedish stairs... and then... You literally stand in the centre of your luxurious, unique, private suite with 360 view. Ready for a romantic night.

The windows offer a breathtaking and continuously changing panoramic view on the surroundings. Later tonight, you'll see the sun setting in the west from within the great, soft bed... And tomorrow, you'll wake at the break of dawn together with the birds in the treetops around you.

Welcome in your own design hotel! Welcome in Watertower Duin & Bosch...

Inside the suite

Romantic getaway

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The luxurious room of 20 square meters is a real high-end designsuite. Designed for a quiet and comfortable stay, It's easy to forget that you're sleeping in a more than 100 year old tower. Sustainable materials and products of high quality give the suite an industrial, modern atmosphere. 

It definitely will be a romantic night when sleeping upstairs on the 'floating' loft in a kingsize, round bed. Of course with a fine mattress. Downstairs the suite is equipped with a rain shower, toilet and flatscreen tv with two seats. Besides that, a great freestanding bath awaits you. Cheers with a glass of Cava and a spectaculair view. This luxurious private suite is all yours and therefore perfectly suited for your wedding night as a bridal suite.

Enjoy the view from 33 meters high during both day and night: the coastline of Castricum in the west, farmlands in the east and the treetops of the 'Noordhollands' Dunereserve on the north- and soutside. further away the enchanting citylights flicker. Enough to see and explore!

It may seem tempting to cocoon inside and just relax, but don't forget to explore these great surroundings during your stay. Walk, cycle and discover the beautiful area which has so much to offer. Go there where nature, culture and nightlife awaits you!

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Luxury on great height

Watertoren 212701

Staying in Watertower Duin & Bosch is one big highlight! Both for a romantic overnight stay and a unique trip or weekend getaway. This private designhotel is comfortably and fully equipped.

Everything for a special night:

  • 360 panoramic view. Every season or weathertype is fantastic. You're able to look from the coastline to Amsterdam!
  • Delicious and complete breakfast is included and will be brought to you. Enjoy it romanticaly in bed or at the seating area, or have it outside. Next to the Watertower you'll find restaurant 'De Oude Keuken'.
  • Check-in from 15:00/3PM.
  • Late check-out until 12:00/12PM.
  • Kitchenette with sink and inventory.
  • Quooker and coffeemachine including tea and cups.
  • A chilled bottle of cava at arrival.
  • Comfortable seating area and high table.
  • Wi-Fi, soundsystem and flatscreen tv.
  • Airconditioning and heating.
  • Own parkingspot next to the tower.

Plenty to discover! This unique boutique hotel is lcoated in an amazing area in which you never be bored. Explore nature, culture and definitely the culinary offerings.

Watertoren 212701
Kitchenette watertoren

The scenery is yours

Bakkum natuur hooglander Herfst klein

From your luxurious suite, have you noticed anything interesting in the distance? Time to discover and enjoy!

At the foot of the Watertower lays the 'Noordhollands' Dunereserve where you're able to wander endlessly on the most beautiful pathways, through forests and dunes. Have a nice climb to the viewingpoint, enjoy sand and the waves on the beach and maybe you'll spot some impressive Schottisch Highlander cows or wild horses!

Fancy a citytrip? Let's explore Haarlem, Alkmaar or Amsterdam with its crowded shoppingstreets, cozy markets, bars and wide variety of museums. Have a relaxing day along the coastline with a nice drink at one of the beachclubs. Very near to the Watertower you'll find the charming centre of Castricum and Bakkum. They both have a great range of culinary offerings, of which a recommended 1* Michelin Restaurant.

There's so much to see, taste and enjoy just around the corner of your own design hotel. Do you want to know what is on the calendar during your romantic stay? Have a look at this website. It's time for a unique experience!

Bakkum natuur hooglander Herfst klein
Bakkum herfst

The story of Watertoren Duin & Bosch

Watertoren historie

The historical Watertower stands on the grounds of 'Duin & Bosch'. In 1904 a hospital was build on these grounds, commissioned by the Provincial Council of North Holland. To make this possible, in 1903 the state had to buy 80 acres of dunereserve from her Royal Highness Princes Zu Wied (1841 - 1910), granddaugther of King Willem I.

The former State Hospital Duin & Bosch had its own drinkingwater facility. That is the Watertower you'll be sleeping in, what a unique experience! The dunewater was pumped from deep pitts, after that it was filtered and de-ironized before it got temporarily stored in a waterbassin. After that it was pumped into the Watertower, which was completed in 1908.

At the end of the seventies, all buildings on the terrain got connected to the regional water supply network so the Watertower lost its original function.

Years later plans for a restauration of the abandoned tower came to life and it got turned into a unique boutique hotel with one room and panoramic view. The luxurious hotelsuite with 'floating loft' as a bedroom is located in the original waterreserve of the state monument. The complete roof was lifted and windows were added to assure extra daylight. From the comfortable bed guests have a fantastic 360 view on the surroundings. Perfect for a special getaway and romantic night such as a honeymoon!

Historie watertoren geschiedenis

Stay another night for less

Trappen watertoren

Do you want to enjoy this extraordinary private suite with its amazing view a little longer? Book for 2 nights and temporarily get the second night with 50% off! This offers plenty of time to explore the surroundings and have a relaxing stay.

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Surprise someone with our hotel giftcard

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The voucher of Watertower Duin & Bosch is a precious, unique gift. A perfect present for a jubilee, anniversary, marriage or other special occasion. Beautifully wrapped you'll find a videocard of the tower and the suite. When ordering you can provide a personal message which will be added to the video. If that isn't the best gift ever! Surprise someone you love, a friend, family, dear collegue or business partner with a special getaway or romantic night in the extraordinary Watertower Duin & Bosch.


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Our friends

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Just behind the Watertower our neighbor and partner 'De Oude Keuken' is located (translated: The Old Kitchen). Which is an atmospheric grand café with focus on local and organic products. The restaurant is co-runned by employees with certain difficulties, who are supported to participate within the regular job market. We are a big fan of 'De Oude Keuken' and its social entrepeneurship. This is why the restaurant provides your luxurious breakfast at the Watertower hotel. They'll bring it in the morning and make sure it get's hoisted all the way up to the door of your suite. But, don't let that convenience hold you back of a little exploration and have a good coffee or lunch at the café!

Ontbijt watertoren duinenbosch

Doordeweeks weekend

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Genieten van een fenomenaal uitzicht, terwijl beneden de file groeit... Ontbijten op bed, terwijl anderen hun mail doornemen... Een goede kop koffie drinken in je eigen privé suite in plaats van uit de automaat... Proosten met een glaasje bubbels in een vrijstaand bad, in plaats van gehaast de badkamer delen... Rust en stilte in het natuurgebied, niet dringen in de winkelstraten en 's avonds de beste tafel hebben in het restaurant... Vier weekend wanneer de wereld werkt! 


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